Mop Rentals

Tired of washing your own mops? Why not let us take care of it for you. We will bring you laundered mops customized to your cleaning needs and take away your dirty ones!

Need a handle for the mops? We can rent that to you as well!

Mop Rental Inquiries

Dust Mops

First-patented, Infinity Twist Cotton Blend Yarn Dust Mops will not fray or unravel, and they come pre-laundered and ready to use. They are excellent for normal industrial use with three bottom rows of yarn effectively removing dust and grime. These mops are made with standard colour-on-colour specifications with a strong synthetic backing.

Wet Mops

We have a variety of types of wet mops to choose from! We have wide band and narrow band, medium, large and extra large, looped and cut ends. These mops are heavy duty and outlast conventional mops.

The synthetic component of the yarn adds durability; the cotton boosts absorbency and reduces drying time. The tailband helps keep the mops fan shape, providing better floor coverage and eliminating tangles.