Equipment Financing, Simplified.

Elevate Your Operations with Progressive Westman & Nicole Rice Leasing 

Discover the smarter way to enhance your organization or municipality’s operational capabilities with Progressive Westman and Nicole Rice Leasing. Our leasing solutions are designed not just for businesses but for any entity looking to grow and excel. Why commit large sums upfront when you can leverage our flexible leasing to keep your operations properly equipped and financially agile.

How it works:

Step 1: Get a Custom Quote: Interested in how our leasing solutions can cater to your unique needs? Contact our sales team for a personalized quote on the equipment you’re considering. If you’re not quite sure what you need, let us guide you toward the most cost-effective solutions that fulfills your requirements. 


Step 2: Explore Leasing Opportunities: After our initial consultation and custom quote, your journey to operational excellence continues seamlessly with Nicole Rice Leasing. With our partnership, you’re not just exploring leasing options; you’re unlocking a gateway to tailored financial solutions designed to meet your unique needs. Nicole Rice Leasing takes the baton, guiding you through the available leasing opportunities, ensuring you’re informed, confident, and ready to make the best decision for your organization or municipality. 

Inquire here to start your custom quote:

Benefits to Financing

Begin with minimal initial investment, enabling more of your resources to remain allocated to strategic areas.

Spread equipment costs over time, enhancing your financial flexibility to navigate both opportunities and challenges.

Fixed lease payments facilitate straightforward financial planning, ensuring predictable operational expenditure.

Access essential equipment while keeping your other credit avenues fully available for broader organizational needs.

Stay ahead with the option to upgrade equipment, ensuring your operations remain competitive without financial penalties.

Leverage potential tax benefits, as leasing expenses can often be deducted, enhancing your fiscal strategy. 

With Progressive Westman and Nicole Rice Leasing, you’re not just acquiring equipment; you’re securing a partnership that’s committed to the growth and efficiency of your organization or municipality. Choose us for a leasing solution that’s as forward-thinking and dynamic as you are.