Commercial Dishwashers

Did you know that we sell and lease commercial dishwashers??

Lease a commercial dishwasher from $180 a month! We have 90 day no pay options as well as buyout options. We sell and lease CMA dish machines including glass washers, high temp and low temp standing and under-counter machines. Our leasing plans include all service work and installation of the unit.

Call 204.729.9210 today to see what model fits your space!

We also sell all dishwashing chemical and supplies. Check them out here. Let us take care of all your dishwashing needs while you focus on your business!

Upright Dishwashers

Low temperature and high temperature. We have a variety of models to choose from. With a single rack or double rack straight-through design, they feature all stainless-steel construction, chemical pumps, priming switches, top mounted controls, automatic start/stop, pump purging system, delimer switch and more. There is also a model that will fit in a corner.

The high temperature units have their own built-in booster heater. The Safe-T-Temp feature assures a 180 degree final rinse. Safe-T-Temp locks the machine in the wash cycle until the booster heater thermostat has been satisfied.

Under Counter

Available in low temperature and high temperature. Save space in your kitchen with an undercounter dishwasher. They feature built-in chemical injectors with priming switches, enclosed
cabinet, instant start, pump drain, upper and lower wash arms and some models have adjustable legs to fit your space.

The high temperature units have built in heaters and feature a hot water sanitizing option. Their unique design requires no exposed wash tank heating element and the Safe-T-Temp feature assures a 180°F final rinse.

Glass Washer

These units are great for a bar or lounge. They are a stand alone machine and features hot water sanitizing, a self-contained booster heater and the Safe-T-Temp feature will ensure reaching a full high temperature and sanitizing rinse. There are under counter units as well as larger ones including rotary glasswashers.